Terms and Conditions ✅ Taya365 Account Closure and Self-Exclusion

These terms and conditions become effective immediately upon the user clicking the “Accept” button. Clicking “Accept” indicates that the user has read and understood the terms and conditions and agrees to be a party to the contractual relationship between the user and Taya365.

Taya365 account closure and self-exclusion

Registered customers have the right to request the closure of their account due to different reasons such as inactivity or lack of interest, as long as the reason is not a gambling problem.

Our customer support team will try their best to resolve your question or concern, if unsuccessful your account will be closed upon your confirmation. Please allow up to 48 hours for us to respond to your email and process your request.

Registered customers can reopen “closed” accounts at any time upon request by contacting our customer support team via email or directly via live chat.

Taya365 self-exclusion

We offer the option of self-exclusion from six months to five years, or permanent self-exclusion at the registered customer’s request, as we recognize that a registered customer’s gambling can develop into a serious problem.

Taya365 is responsible for self-exclusion only of accounts specifically mentioned in the registered customer’s request. The Company is not responsible for any duplicate accounts associated with closed or self-excluded accounts.

Taya365 Service Description

We provide valid registered users with the opportunity to access and play games including, but not limited to, online rummy, fantasy games and poker. The company provides software and IT services that enable people to play games of skill with others over the Internet.

The Services provided by the Company are solely intended to facilitate games of skill.

The Company charges a cash game fee (the “Service Fee”) to all users who participate in the Cash Game, which includes service tax/GST as may be applicable. Service fees may change from time to time and vary by cash game.

Taya365 technical issues

To clarify, once any amount is placed on the gaming table to participate in a cash game, it will not be returned to the account under any circumstances. Upon successful completion of the Cash Game, winnings will be transferred to the relevant winner’s bonus account.

However, if the game is interrupted due to server crash, malfunction, software defect, technical malfunction or any other malfunction due to company or other reasons, including any natural disaster or other act of God, the game will be canceled and participation in the cash game will be The amount will be refunded/refunded into the account.

We reserve the right to cancel competitions (games/tournaments/leaderboards) at any time without prior notice or liability in the event of any technical difficulties or glitches. In case of any disputes, our company reserves the right to make the final decision, which is binding on you.

If there is any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and the Game-Specific Terms and Conditions, the Game-Specific Terms and Conditions shall prevail. If any aspect is not covered by these Terms and Conditions but sets out specific terms and conditions for the Game, it shall be deemed to apply to the Player’s relationship with Taya365.